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At Organic Pasture Farms, we care about our animals, the environment and your health. That’s why we raise our hens on a natural, organic, GMO-free diet of corn and soybean meal. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint with our biodegradable containers.


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A trip to the egg section of the grocery store can be overwhelming if you don’t know what all the terms mean. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Pasture-raised: Each hen has at least 108 square feet to roam, grow and live out a happy, healthy life.

Free-range: The hens have at least 2 square feet per bird.

Cage-free: Hens do not live in cages, but do not necessarily have access to the outdoors.

Caged: If your carton doesn’t use one of the terms mentioned above, the eggs are probably from a standard farm with cages.

Equally Yolked Eggs are certified humane, so you’ll never find our hens in cages. Our organic eggs are available from pasture-raised, free-range and cage-free hens.

From our family to yours.

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